VitecEV is trusted by millions in the video, broadcast and photographic markets.

Accenture Works with VitecEV to Bring Broadcast to the Enterprise

Using the Creative Studio, Andrew Wilson talks about the powerful relationship that Accenture has with VitecEV.

“…with VitecEV, and this technology, you can put yourself at the heart of modern communication in the broadcast enterprise.”
Andrew Wilson, CIO – Accenture

Our Brands Are Industry Best

Our products and services have enabled some of the most amazing moments to be captured and shared and powered the video capabilities of the world’s most important businesses and organizations.

Part of a Winning Team

VitecEV is the enterprise video division of the Vitec Group, a UK publicly held company, who is the market leader in providing premium products and services to the Broadcast and Photographic markets. Our brands are some of the most widely recognized and most widely used in the world.

Vitec Group

Group Employee Meeting | VitecEV Enterprise Video Solutions

Industries We Serve

VitecEV is exclusively focused on the enterprise market for video. This includes non-traditional broadcasters who deliver OTT content, corporations, sports teams and leagues, educational institutions, governmental agencies, financial services and consultancy firms. These markets all want to utilize broadcast products and services to support their overall business objectives.

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Why VitecEV?

VitecEV’s understanding of the enterprise market allows it to combine traditional broadcast offerings with software solutions creating end to end solutions for the creation and distribution of compelling, professional video content. No other vendor can provide the depth of experience and support that VitecEV brings to each customer.

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Seasoned, Structured and Dependable

Our installations and services are already being used in financial services firms, sports leagues, film studios, cable companies, auto manufacturers, broadcasters and dozens of other industries around the world.

The Enterprise Production Studio from VitecEV Enterprise Video Solutions

Enterprise Production Studio

The Enterprise Production Studio is custom designed to your requirements and provides a level of automation ensuring operational flexibility and ease of use.

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The all-in-one conference room production studio | The Creative Studio from VitecEV

Creative Studio

The VitecEV Creative Studio is a fully-integrated video capture and streaming solution that is mobile and designed for conference room settings.

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Robotic Solutions | VitecEV Enterprise Video Solutions

Robotic Solutions

VitecEV’s Robotic Solutions offer unmatched flexibility in the studio with revolutionary, compact, lightweight robotic heads such as the Vinten Vantage.

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Streaming Solutions with CORE from Teradek | VitecEV Enterprise Video Solutions

Streaming Solutions

Our Streaming Solutions transform your digital broadcast workflow, which allows you to stream to multiple online video platforms – all at the same time.

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