Video Solutions for Corporate

Educate. Inform. Train.

Communication is the lifeblood of business, large and small. Communication aligns teams, energizes the organization, provides a bridge to customers and improves productivity and efficiency. VitecEV’s award winning solutions, which have served the professional broadcast industry for decades, are now being used to improve the results for global businesses.

Stream video to employees and customers around the world

Over the last decade, corporations around the world have invested in their communications capabilities. This includes IP based phone systems, video conferencing and unified communication solutions. Studies have shown that these investments have helped to drive increases in productivity. But today’s businesses are investing in video. They see the value in creating a video on demand library as well as direct, real-time online video streaming. Training, town hall meetings, new product introductions, operational material, analyst meetings and corporate governance have all been positively impacted by the power of high quality, IP based video that can be watched on any device, at any time.

Recent studies have pointed out that over 50% of corporate employees have watched a combination of executive, compliance and training videos. CoreEV, VitecEV’s streaming solution, provides the needed functionality for business to stream video to employees and customers around the world.

The VitecEV Creative Studio-C10 is an all in one flexible, mobile studio. It is designed to be used by non-AV experts in a typical conference room setting. Its compact design allows users to move it around a building, campus or across the world. And it contains everything you need to create recorded video, video that can be post produced or live streaming video, all out of the same box.

Supported Applications for Corporate

  • Executive Presentations
  • Round Table Interviews
  • Town Hall Meeting
  • New Employee Training
  • Product Introductions and Updates
  • Corporate and Governance Training
  • Customer Events
  • Public Relations Messaging
  • Virtual Trade Shows
  • Video Press Releases
  • Investor Relations
  • Team Building

Years of Broadcast Knowledge Applied to the Enterprise

The Enterprise Production Studio from VitecEV Enterprise Video Solutions

Enterprise Production Studio

The Enterprise Production Studio is custom designed to your requirements and provides a level of automation ensuring operational flexibility and ease of use.

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The all-in-one conference room production studio | The Creative Studio from VitecEV

Creative Studio

The VitecEV Creative Studio is a fully-integrated video capture and streaming solution that is mobile and designed for conference room settings.

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Robotic Solutions | VitecEV Enterprise Video Solutions

Robotic Solutions

VitecEV’s Robotic Solutions offer unmatched flexibility in the studio with revolutionary, compact, lightweight robotic heads such as the Vinten Vantage.

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Streaming Solutions with CORE from Teradek | VitecEV Enterprise Video Solutions

Streaming Solutions

Our Streaming Solutions transform your digital broadcast workflow, which allows you to stream to multiple online video platforms – all at the same time.

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