House of Worship

Video Solutions for Houses of Worship

Community. Sharing. Support.

Houses of Worship have been on the cutting edge for over a decade in adopting innovative ways to bring their communities closer together. Whether it is streaming a service from the pulpit or capturing a community activity, video extends the touch in all religious endeavors. VitecEV’s streaming products, manufactured by Teradek, have long been used by religious organizations around the globe.

Houses of Worship use a variety of tools and solutions to light, to capture the sounds of both the spoken word and songs of the choir, to record, to stream and to share images that are so important to their members. VitecEV streaming products, robotic solutions, lighting products and camera supports enable both from the common parishioner and the AV expert, to produce entertaining, meaningful and impactful video content that extend the four walls of the church or temple into the homes of their members.

House of Worship | VitecEV Enterprise Video Solutions

Supported Applications for Houses of Worship

  • Religious services steamed
  • Baptisms, Wedding, Funerals and Bar Mitzvah recordings
  • Trainings
  • Community Events
  • VR Events
  • Plays and Concerts
  • Youth Group Activities

Years of Broadcast Knowledge Applied to the Enterprise

The all-in-one conference room production studio | The Creative Studio from VitecEV

Creative Studio

The VitecEV Creative Studio is a fully-integrated video capture and streaming solution that is mobile and designed for conference room settings.

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Robotic Solutions | VitecEV Enterprise Video Solutions

Robotic Solutions

VitecEV’s Robotic Solutions offer unmatched flexibility in the studio with revolutionary, compact, lightweight robotic heads such as the Vinten Vantage.

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Streaming Solutions with CORE from Teradek | VitecEV Enterprise Video Solutions

Streaming Solutions

Our Streaming Solutions transform your digital broadcast workflow, which allows you to stream to multiple online video platforms – all at the same time.

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