Video Solutions for Sports

Activity. Interaction. Streaming.

Very few other endeavors go together like sports and video. It is the marriage of an activity, which at its most basic level, needs to be watched live or in-person by millions with the tools that enable the watching and interaction of the activity by millions. That is why Vitec has pioneered so many innovations in sports broadcasting.

In today’s sporting world, teams from the high school level to the professional organization want a direct relationship with their fans. Whether you want to follow your favorite player or you want to understand the latest coaching change, video brings you inside the action. From the field, to the venue, from the locker room to the weekly coach’s show, VitecEV has been supplying the tools that bring you a ringside seat to the action. 4K slo-mo, robotic cameras, pedestal supports and hand held streaming solutions are just a few of the VitecEV products that can make your sports production come alive.

Supported Applications for Sports

  • Team highlights
  • Game streaming
  • Play analysis
  • Coach’s communication
  • Cheerleader training and highlights
  • Specialty underwater camera
  • Slow-motion cameras

Years of Broadcast Knowledge Applied to the Enterprise

The Enterprise Production Studio from VitecEV Enterprise Video Solutions

Enterprise Production Studio

The Enterprise Production Studio is custom designed to your requirements and provides a level of automation ensuring operational flexibility and ease of use.

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The all-in-one conference room production studio | The Creative Studio from VitecEV

Creative Studio

The VitecEV Creative Studio is a fully-integrated video capture and streaming solution that is mobile and designed for conference room settings.

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Robotic Solutions | VitecEV Enterprise Video Solutions

Robotic Solutions

VitecEV’s Robotic Solutions offer unmatched flexibility in the studio with revolutionary, compact, lightweight robotic heads such as the Vinten Vantage.

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Streaming Solutions with CORE from Teradek | VitecEV Enterprise Video Solutions

Streaming Solutions

Our Streaming Solutions transform your digital broadcast workflow, which allows you to stream to multiple online video platforms – all at the same time.

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