Creative Studio

The All-in-One Conference Room Production Studio

Welcome to the Creative Studio System.

The Creative Studio System has been engineered to be an easy-to-use integrated communication tool. The system has specially selected components (camera, lighting, microphones and digital recording) that will enable effective audio and video capture for almost every environment.

The all-in-one conference room production studio | The Creative Studio from VitecEV Enterprise Video Solutions


With Creative Studio System, you can quickly begin recording your message using the included PTZ camera and up to three audio mic sources. This enables up to three separate people to be part of the audio/video messaging.


The 3 included lights can be adjusted for brightness and color temperature to create a very pleasing on-camera image. The three lights can be set-up in a position of a Key light, Side/Fill light and a Back/Hair light. (2 x Astra 1×1 and 1 x Lycos)


The 17” Autoscript prompter and foot pedal connected to a laptop enables the use of a prepared script by the presenter to read along during the presentation.


The included 17” drawer monitor enables real-time confidence monitoring of the encoded signal. The included 13” SmallHD monitor allows for the viewing of the PTZ camera output from the
camera operator position.

Because Everyone Needs To Be A Broadcaster

Accenture Works with VitecEV to Bring Broadcast to the Enterprise

Using the Creative Studio, Andrew Wilson talks about the powerful relationship that Accenture has with VitecEV.

“…with VitecEV, and this technology, you can put yourself at the heart of modern communication in the broadcast enterprise.”
Andrew Wilson, CIO – Accenture

Utilizing the included PTZ camera, mics and digital recorder, the system will enable isolated recording of up to two sources. The first source is the PTZ camera, and the second source can be an SDI input for a secondary camera or an HDMI input for items such as a computer desktop. These two isolated sources can be recorded with the included digital recorders (included are two 960GB SSDs, two per recorder).

Each digital recorder can record in the following formats for use in editing systems, like Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere & Avid systems:

  • Uncompressed 10-Bit QuickTime (~2 hours with the included storage media)
  • Apple ProRes 422 HQ (~18 hours with the included storage media)
  • Apple ProRes 422 (~21 hours with the included storage media)
  • Apple ProRes 422 LT (~38 hours with the included storage media)
  • Apple ProRes 422 Proxy (~84 hours with the included storage media)
  • Avid DNxHD 220 QT/MXF (~20 hours with the included storage media)

Teradek COREThis system coupled with a CORE account will enable audio and video streaming to multiple destinations simultaneously, for example: YouTube, Facebook and UStream.

With the IP enabled hardware, the end user is able to control the following:

  • IP Power (turning on and off system lights, Encoders, Camera and Controller)
  • Camera (Position, Color shading, Focus and Zoom)
  • Encoders (Operational Control interface)
  • Core – streaming publisher (interface for initiating encoder and decoder connection) along with publishing destinations.
  • Audio (Adjustment control Interface and audio routing)
  • Digital Recorder (Operational Control interface)
  • Lycos Light (power, brightness, color temperature, position)
  • Astra Light (brightness, color temperature, position)
  • Digital Recorder (record start and stop, monitoring)
  • Camera Control Panel (Position, Color shading, Focus and Zoom)
  • Prompter foot pedal (allows for moving script forward, backward)

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