Enterprise Production Studio (EPS)

Our Broadcast Knowledge Applied to the Enterprise

Enterprises of all types are using an ever increasing amount of video. The production values of these presentations must be professional, crisp, and of the highest video and audio quality. There should be no difference in watching a world-class produced enterprise video and a network television broadcast.

Repeatable, Templated Operations

In any fast-paced Enterprise environment it is often necessary to produce programming with little advance notice. Because EPS utilizes a templated approach to aspects such as lighting and camera placement, broadcasts can be achieved with repeatable “look and feel” without having to undergo expensive and timely reconfigurations.

Operational Ease

Enterprise Production Studio (EPS) is simple and easy to operate and minimizes user touchpoints. Because of the high degree of automation that has been implemented, preset recalls, specific camera positions, and lighting configurations do not lend themselves to chance—they are automatically recalled which provides the operational ease of use that enterprises require.

“Creating broadcast programming should not be a difficult and cumbersome task and it should not require special knowledge of broadcast operations.”

Custom Designed Broadcast Studio

Enterprise Production Studio is custom designed to your requirements. Consisting of the newest advances in broadcast production technology, EPS provides a level of automation that provides operational flexibility and ease of use. Today, Fortune 1000 companies who broadcast thousands of hours of content each year for both internal and external consumption depend and rely on EPS.

Reliable, Resilient, and Predictable

Enterprises cannot risk that company updates, announcements, product introductions, and critical updates do not reach their audiences. EPS is designed and architected to provide the reliability, resiliency, and to produce predictable and dependable results. Broadcast infrastructures have been successful at ensuring that produced content is received and EPS brings those same assurances to the Enterprise.

Asset Management and Content Management Interoperability

Enterprise video recordings have value. Whether they are live events, streamed events, or content that needs to be packaged in some form for later consumption, such as VOD training, it is important that the content can be indexed, searched, and found. EPS integrates with industry leading asset management and content management systems to create and maintain the rich library of content for your enterprise.

Virtual Set Support

Compelling backgrounds and virtual set technology can easily be integrated into your productions. There is no longer a need to settle for static, boring backgrounds. With Virtual Sets, backgrounds can be tailored to best suit your enterprise needs.

EPS | VitecEV Enterprise Video Solutions

Consultative Process

VitecEV’s Enterprise Production Studio (EPS) brings a consultative approach in close collaboration with customers to fully understand the long-term goals for maximizing the use of video across the entire organization.

Supporting All Forms of Content Production

Whether you are recording content for later post-production and use or streaming live content, EPS provides the flexibility for both of these use cases. Need to go live to thousands of websites? No problem. Need to record content for later post-production? Covered!

Future Proof

Broadcast infrastructures have traditionally been very hard to upgrade without a significant “forklift upgrade”. EPS is designed in a very modular approach, so that as the inevitable improvements are made in different product aspects, these components can be easily replaced without affecting the entire system. As a result, the benefits are that latest technologies can be implemented without the usual and much larger impact on budgets.

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Single Camera or Multi-camera Operation

EPS supports both single and multi-camera configurations. And, there’s no need to make a multiple camera commitment on day one. Many organizations begin with single camera coverage for their programs and, as their production needs grow, will decide that more cameras are required for interviews and product introductions. With EPS, it is easy to graduate from single to multi-camera operation.

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